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                          Secure energy supply

                          Secure energy supply thanks to reliable grid stability

                          RWE has a broad portfolio of gas, coal, lignite, nuclear, hydro- and biomass power plants in order to be robust in the face of market risks affecting individual energy sources. This generation mix of renewable and fossil fuels helps us to minimise procurement risks. We want to be able to offer our customers a secure, low-cost supply of electricity and gas at all times. To do this, we invest continuously in the maintenance, expansion and development of our power plant portfolio. A sustainable energy supply is safeguarded when innovative technologies are applied – and this is exactly where research and development at RWE comes in. 

                          Setting standards while keeping goals for the future in mind

                          Coal- and gas-fired power stations will continue to form the backbone of our electricity supply for decades to come. Energy consumption is continuing to increase around the world, and highly efficient fossil fuel power plants will have to ensure a reliable electricity supply for the foreseeable future, despite all of the advances in renewable energy. The challenges are diverse. Nonetheless, we make sure that we continue to focus on what is important. With innovative developments for its power plants, RWE creates new standards in terms of technology and plays an important role in propelling the energy economy forward. One example is the RWE power-to-heat system, which enables the owner of a hybrid heating system to store excess green electricity in buffer storage and to use it for hot water or heating. The knowledge we share with partners from science and industry on an ongoing basis is also essential to the success of our work. Whether it is the construction of low-emission power plants or uncovering the potential of biomass, RWE engineers are involved in national and international research projects in order to pave the way for the power generation of the future. In this context, RWE establishes and finances endowed professorships on such topics as energy efficiency, for example at the Technical University of Dortmund, the University of Duisburg-Essen and at the Ruhr University Bochum. The findings from these initiatives are often essential in forming the basis for new research projects at the RWE Innovation Centre.

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